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The idea began with the team at PA74 Music following the period of medical emergency that we live in now and due to which many artists are forced to cancel live concerts and miss out on related earnings.

After several meetings with our friends artists and colleagues we developed an idea of alternative entertainment that can allow them (singers, musicians, performers) to get profits through the voluntary support of their fans.

That’s why we created this exclusive group on Facebook #concertidaldivano.


To access it just follow these simple steps:

1. Make a one-off payment of 3,00 € choosing one of the methods provided.

2. After the payment is made you will be redirected to our site. Sign up by filling out the form to request access to the Facebook #concertidaldivano group. (IMPORTANT: Please indicate your Facebook username and the artist who invited you)

Within 24h of payment you will be invited to join the group.
Accept the invitation that will arrive (directly on Facebook and via email) and enjoy exclusive shows.

FROM NON ON you can enjoy the show from your favorite artist but it doesn’t stop there, you will also receive invitations to join in all the shows of the artists of #concertidaldivano for no extra charge.

During the performance you will be able to decide whether to support the performer with a free donation directly to the artist or their chosen charity.

Choose the payment method. N.B. If you want to pay by bank transfer copy the data below for the header and send a message to the Facebook page - Concerti dal divano - to leave your registration details

Bank Transfer Header:

PA74MUSIC di Alessandro Porcella

Iban: IT96I0760105138265022065024

In this case, the invitation to access the group will be sent upon receipt of the payment compatibly with bank times.

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